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 The Dead Sea, which lies 1300 feet below sea level in the Jordan Valley, is the lowest natural place on Earth. During millions of years from its origin, the salt proportion in the water has risen as a result of the fast water evaporation in dry climate.

While salt content of other seas reaches about 3%, the Dead Sea concentration is almost 32%. An even more astounding fact is the compotision of the salt itself. While common sea salt contains about 97% sodium chloride (NaCl) , the Dead Sea salt contains only 12-18% of this mineral. The rest is composed of Potassium, Magnesium,Bromide and other minerals important for the improvement of cell metabolism and the generation of the organism.

Kawar Dead Sea Products is introducing to you many products, including creams, lotions, milk, toner, moisturizer, anti cellulite, shampoo, and soap in addition to mud, mask and salt.

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